Valuation & Appraisal

What is it worth?

The popularity of Flog It and the Antiques Roadshow demonstrates clearly that many of us have no idea of the value of a family antique.  Silverwoods is here to help provide you with that knowledge, whether for interest, insurance or sale. It can be an exciting voyage of discovery that an antique, or memorabilia has an unexpected value. Sometimes the opposite may be true, but whatever the outcome you will be able to decide with confidence whether to consign to auction, or keep it in the family. The decision and choice is yours and Silverwoods is happy to offer guidance and advice. 

How do I arrange an Appraisal?

Family Possessions
Step 1

Consider sending us some images of the objects and email them to us for an initial appraisal as it is in everyone's interest to ensure items are saleable. 

Please send images as jpeg or if multiple pictures use wetransfer  (here) a free service; we are unable to receive digital files via icloud or winzip.

Note: If possible show artist's signatures, silver hallmarks and ceramic maker's marks. Otherwise for multiple objects a short video would help with making an initial assessment. 

Step 2

Make an appointment to meet one of our specialist valuers and we will tell you then if it is worth offering for sale. Appointments can now be made any weekday, 9.00am - 3.00pm by calling 01200 423322

Note: Within a large consignment, or house clearance, some items may not be of sufficient value to cover minimum commission; in those cases we can offer advice on other options for their disposal. 

Home Visits

Can be arranged at the discretion of the Auctioneer.

For instance:- 

Where a major house clearance of antique furniture is involved or 

Where there is a large number of goods on site for consignment or
If the Vendor has difficulty in visiting the saleroom

A full or part house-clearance service can then be provided, which includes arranging transport.


For our solicitor clients, we offer valuations for insurance or probate purposes and house clearance. Contact our senior auctioneer, Marc Anderson on 01200 423322 for an initial consultation.