Silverwoods of Lancashire

Silverwoods is one of the most popular and vibrant Auction Houses in the North of England, holding Fine Art and Antiques auctions with internet bidding, weekly sales of hundreds of antiques and collectables, bimonthly Rural Bygones auctions and specialist collection sales.  Selling at auction is one of the best, and easiest, ways to turn antiques and collectables into maximum profit –  if you have not bought or sold through an Auction before don't worry we will guide you through the process. 

So browse the website and get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

Important News 

Due to increasing coronavirus restrictions in Lancashire we have come to the conclusion we cannot safely conduct 'live' auctions, particularly the Wednesday Rediscovery sale, and the gathering of customers which that involves.  

So Silverwoods is taking the opportunity to change both our calendar of auctions in 2021 and offer new and existing customers more choice and flexibility in obtaining valuation and appraisals.  A greater emphasis will be on the display of lots  to be offered auction and viewing by potential buyers. Changes are already in place to divide the salesroom into exhibition halls.  Please note the following:

  • The next Online timed Auction will end on Sunday 13th December (full details and viewing times below)
  • Valuation and Appraisal of objects will now be by appointment but on any weekday (Call 01200 423322 to do so)
  • All objects accepted for sale will be entered in the Fine Art, Furniture & Antiques catalogue for the timed online auction beginning on the 2nd December.
  • Please see our new policies regarding appraisal, valuation and selection of objects for auction. here
  • Soon we will be announcing a new programme of online 'timed' auctions from New Year onwards.


1.Architectural Salvage, Rural & Domestic Bygones Auctions

Unique to Silverwoods, our popular Rural & Domestic Bygones will now include architectural salvage and will be a 'Timed' Online Sale in conjunction with The Auction Mart's monthly sale of machinery tools and equipment. This will be conducted by to register go here

The next sale commences at 9am on Thursday 26th November and starts to finish at 9am on Saturday 28th November in lot order.

Entries are now closed for this sale. To enter items for the  next sale on the19th December 2020. Please ring 01200 423325 to arrange appointment and download an entry form here.  The catalogue closes for this sale on Wednesday 9th December.

These auctions show a fascinating glimpse into the past and feature many unusual vintage items, curiosities, agricultural, railway, dairy, gardening antiques, architectural salvage and many collectables.


1. Fine Art, Furniture & Antiques

We are delighted to announce that we have moved to a programme of 'timed' online sales; that for the time being will replace 'live' gathering auctions.  Sadly live sales are not possible during the coronavirus restrictions. The next online sale will be as follows:

 Catalogue closed on 27th November

Bidding online  from Wednesday 2nd December

Auction and bids close Sunday 13th December

Viewing of all lots may be made by appointment from 7th - 11th December  Tel: 01200 423322

If you have items you would like to submit for this sale  our professional team are  here to assist you. Just call Silverwoods on 01200 423322 and  make an appointment for valuation and appraisal of objects on any weekday, by appointment. 

2. Fine Wine, Port and Spirits

We have received consignments of rare and vintage port, champagne and wine that will be the foundation of a special catalogue as a timed auction. Further entries are invited for this catalogue which will close on the 27th November; viewing of lots, bidding online are as for the fine arts auction above!

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Valuation & Appraisal

To receive an initial appraisal, you can simply email images of your items and brief description to 

Alternatively, or as a next step, make an appointment for a free private consultation with one of our team of professional valuers. 

For our solicitor clients, we also offer valuations for insurance or probate purposes. Contact our senior auctioneer, Wilf Mould on 01200 423322 for an initial consultation.


Now any weekday 9.00am - 2.00pm. 

Viewing of Lots

Fine Art & Special Sales

Silverwoods will now be placing emphasis on the display of lots in auction catalogues creating an emporium, of galleria of antiques, furniture and fine art within exhibition 'rooms'. Vendors, therefore, can be assured their items are displayed in the best way and for Buyers to see items in context; rather merely on racks. In 2021 we will be moving to viewing periods every weekday when customers can see for themselves the next catalogue developing with new lots. In the meantime and for the sale in December the viewing times will be as follows:

Monday 7th    12 noon - 5.0pm

Tuesday 8th   12 noon - 7.0pm

Wednesday 9th  9am - 12 noon

Thursday 10th    9am - 12 noon

Friday 11th          9am - 12 noon

Architectural Salvage, Rural & Domestic Bygones

All lots are now to be displayed in the 'bottom' building of the main auction. Viewing for the full catalogue of this sale will be 9.00 - 5.00pm Wednesday - Friday during the 'bidding' week

Our Payment Policy

Silverwoods is especially proud of its fast payment policy to customers, by cheque or BACS, usually within a few days of the auction.